Our therapy

Dr. von Gudenberg and the Kasseler Stottertherapie Institute

  • Dr. Alex von Gudenberg, SpeechAgain’s Chief Medical Officer and Germany’s leading stutter expert, has been a severe stutterer since the age of 4.  After struggling through ineffective therapies and devices for over 30 years, he invented the Hybrid Therapy, a new treatment for stutterers, by stutterers. Dr. Gudenberg’s Hybrid Therapy is the foundation for SpeechAgain’s therapy
  • The proprietary Hybrid Therapy is a combination of several stutter treatment methods administered by Dr. von Gudenberg and his team at the Kasseler Stottertharapie Institute. Since founding the institute in 1996, Dr. von Gudenberg and his team have successfully treated over 3,000 patients, and earned the reputation as Europe’s leading stutter treatment institute.
  • Dr. von Gudenberg pioneered computer assisted and bio-feedback stutter therapy in Germany.  In 2011, the institute launched the clinical version of SpeechAgain as an online therapy, and has since treated over 1,000 patients remotely, achieving the same life-changing results as his face-to-face therapy. The efficacy rate of the clinical online version of SpeechAgain, a precursor to our latest independent therapy, is 4X that of US private therapy.
  • In 2016, SpeechAgain was born, as a therapy innovation to bring the institute’s life-changing results to the world’s 85 million stutterers, who have either struggled in previous therapies or cannot access a speech therapist.


SpeechAgain was jointly developed by the Dr. von Gudenberg and his team and Berlin’s leading digital health innovators, Healthcubator GmbH.

 Dr Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg

Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg
Chief Medical Officer