Our Therapy

Introducing Speechagain’s method

Meet Anja, Felix and Frank, each severe people who stutter, who gained fluency with Speechagain’s method. Inspired by the gift of speech, Frank became a speech therapist and helped to develop Speechagain.

World’s first digital speech therapy for stuttering

  • Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, Speechagain’s Chief Medical Officer and Germany’s leading stutter expert, has been a severe stutterer since the age of 4.
  • Our therapy is based on Fluency Shaping, a reconstructuring method
  • Speech technique which gives the tools to overcome blockages
  • Practice gliding into words
  • Learn soft onsets and bindings

speechagain diagram

  • Pronunciation training with feedback and automatic speech analysis
  • Real-time feedback with an individual voice curve

Speechagain was jointly developed by European’s leading stuttering experts Kassel Stuttering Therapy and the Berlin-based company builder Digital Health Factory.

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