Frequently Asked Questions

Using SpeechAgain’s proprietary method, which includes speech reconstruction therapy, we will enable you to control your speech and retrain you to speak with the gentle onset technique. SpeechAgain also includes non-avoidance therapy, which will challenge you to leave your comfort zone and practice in real-life situations.

SpeechAgain’s average treatment period is 12 months. Some users may complete the training more quickly, and others more slowly.

SpeechAgain’s average treatment period is 12 months and works best with users who are committed to achieving fluency. The treatment program uses the concept of over-learning, applied through intensive training with SpeechAgain’s core exercises in the first month. Average time commitment for the 12 month treatment program:

  • Month 1: Intensive therapy modules – 90 minutes per day
  • Month 2-6: Daily immersive training – 40 minutes per day
  • Month 7-12: Master SpeechAgain and integrate into everyday speech – 30
    minutes every other day

Users begin to notice results anywhere from a few days to a few weeks into the treatment. By the end of the first month most users have a newfound control over their voice.

Is it important to understand there is no cure for teen and adult stuttering. SpeechAgain’s role is to help stutterers achieve the highest level of speech control possible, what we call “stutter-free.” At the “stutter-free” level, many users can speak in the normal range of fluency, and appear stutter-free in conversation.

After successful completion of the SpeechAgain program, users are recommended to continue their subscription with SpeechAgain Post-Grad. Post-Grad will help users maintain SpeechAgain results for life with interactive exercises specifically designed for SpeechAgain graduates.

SpeechAgain is a cloud-based software that can be used across various platforms, including Desktop browser, tablets, smartphones (Android and iOS).

The only hardware required by SpeechAgain is a USB headset, or Bluetooth headset for tablets and smartphones.

Our team of certified speech therapists are alerted if a user requires extra help with a treatment level and will reach out to help. Likewise, our dedicated support team is here to respond to all of your treatment or technical issues within 24 hours.

SpeechAgan is recommended for ages 10 and up. While children under 10 may benefit from SpeechAgain’s exercises and curriculum, we do not expect the same success rate in this age group compared to 10 and up.

Our team is working hard to fine-tune SpeechAgain for children under 10, and to integrate parents into the therapy. We expect a 2018 launch for SpeechAgain for children.

We recognize that the social anxiety stutterers develop over time can be both serious and debilitating. As many as 50% of stutterers suffer from social anxiety. Our results show that conquering the stutter is the best treatment for the psychological side effects of stuttering. By continuously motivating users to utilize their newfound fluency, the SpeechAgain method has reduced stutter-related anxiety and emotional conditions in over 90% of successful treatment cases.

SpeechAgain will be ready for purchase and download later in 2018.