What do we believe in?

Empowering people who stutter to live their best lives

Our vision
The goal is to provide you with the world’s best stuttering program and improve the lives of all people who stutter.

Our mission
Speechagain strives to give you a state-of-the-art stuttering program that is accessible, convenient, motivating, and tailored to your individual needs.

Our promise to you
We constantly check-in to earn your trust with a modern, user-centric, high quality, and honest product!

Our team values
We are passionate about our product and love what we do. As a team, we enjoy to create and be creative together.

Our Milestones

Being a person who stutters, Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg was always focused on improving his speech.

After 20 years of trying different therapies, he founded the Kassel Stuttering Institute, empowering others to control their speech and conquer their fears.
Our parent company, Digithep GmbH, was founded in Germany by Dr. Peter Langkafel, Dr. Harald Mollberg, and Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg.
Speechagain was brought to New York City by our chief explorer Johanna Joch, participating in the German Accelerator Tech program. This helped us emerge into the US market.


At the German startup night in New York City, we took home the best pitch award for the most promising and innovative startup.
We made it! Speechagain Inc. was officially founded in the US.
Speechagain is live! We have officially launched our product in the US!
We have already put the necessary infrastructures in place to add languages and make Speechagain accessible in multiple countries.
Speechagain for youngsters? Hear what Josh, a person who stutters, thinks of our plans to add a more “youthful” touch to Speechagain to make it more attractive to schools and children alike.

A few of our thoughts

"People's stories should be heard to start an open conversation about stuttering."
— Jannika
"At Speechagain we truly value our users and I love creating a product that takes the user's voice into account."
— Sven
User Experience Berlin
"Working with genuine and passionate people to provide accessible training is an incredible experience."
— Mallory
Speech Language Pathologist
New York
"I am excited to be a part of Speechagain and develop a product that helps people who stutter, like me."
— Mohammed
Software Developer
"Developing a product that can improve someone’s life for better is what inspires me most at my work."
— Sandra
Product Manager