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Treatment Anytime. Anywhere.

Digital Speech Therapy for Stuttering.

Introducing SpeechAgain  

Germany’s leading stutter therapy is coming to tablet, smartphone or desktop.

Gain a high level of speech control

Evidence-based stuttering therapy, paired with direct Speech-Language Pathologist therapy or independently.

Take control of your speech and your life

Build confidence and break the cycle of discrimination, fear and social anxiety.

Introducing SpeechAgain

SpeechAgain is a cloud-based digital speech therapy, built specifically for the world’s 85 million stutterers. Our patent-pending treatment combines Germany’s leading stutter treatment method with machine learning and speech recognition analysis.

How does SpeechAgain Work


SpeechAgain delivers Germany’s leading stutter therapy method, invented by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alex von Gudenberg, to tablets, smartphones and desktops.  The SpeechAgain digital therapy includes:

  • Speech Reconstruction training
  • Non-Avoidance therapy to integrate SpeechAgain training to real-life situations
  • Bio-feedback speech exercises powered by artificial intelligence
  • Outcome-based interactive video dialogues
  • Analytics dashboard for user and parent progress tracking
  • Self-motivating up-level gamification
  • Extensive curriculum and exercise library
  • Private and convenient treatment environment

Regain Fluency in One Year

Most users will feel a significant improvement in speech control by the end of the first month’s intensive training, followed by 11 months of speech reconstruction and non-avoidance training and integration of
SpeechAgain into daily speech.

Maintain Fluency for Life

Maintain fluency for life with SpeechAgain Post-Grad, a simple and convenient way to maintain our therapy’s life-changing results, with just 20 minutes or exercises three times per week.